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Could this be the end our NHS??

Did you know that 90% of our NHS care takes place outside hospitals?

Did you also know that the Government plans to privatise these vital local services?

Private companies and voluntary organisations may very soon be invited by the Government to provide home nurses, health visitors, family planning, counselling, even GP surgeries. Private companies will take over these services, NOT for the good of our health, but to make a profit out of them. That means there is the very real danger that keeping down costs may become more important than quality of care.

How good will these essential services be under privatisation?

As our local health authorities will no longer provide all the services directly through their own staff, it will be much harder for them to ensure that we get the high quality of care we need, and also hard to make sure that the different parts of our services work well together

What is the state of things to come?

It is not yet clear how far, in the face of opposition, the Government will force our health authorities to put their services out to tender. But, in a few areas, it is already happening. In two areas of Derbyshire ‑ Cresswell and inner city Derby, the huge American private health company United Health has taken over all health care outside hospitals, including GP surgeries. Goodbye NHS GP! Could this happen in Leeds?

What can we do? [Top]

It's time to stop the rot' Patients and NHS staff determined to ensure that our NHS remains a public service, with public service values, are already working together in a fast growing campaign all over the country called "KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC". If you share their concern, please join in the action. You can find out more by "Googling" the words "Keep our NHS public‑ on the internet, and you can join us in Leeds Hospital Alert. We are group members of the campaign.


Please write to your MP at the House of Commons to express your opposition to any plan to break up our local services and hand parts of them over to private health companies. Letters to MPs do work. Remember they need our votes at the next election. See contact page for details of your local MP. [Top]



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