Leeds Hospital Alert is a group of Leeds residents, who since 1981 have come together because of our wish to defend our National Health Service and its principle that care should be free and accessible to everyone regardless of income or status.

We often use street theatre in our campaigning, including an ‘invasion’ of a ‘not-private’ army led by the ‘Leeds General Infirmary’ !

Leeds Hospital Alert members also had an owl costume, the civic symbol of Leeds, which was once worn by a member, Mary Greenwood, to meet Robin Cook. Mary told Robin not to worry, as ‘Owls don’t eat robins, if robins take care of our NHS!’

We organise petitions, letter writing, research and dialogue with local authorities, the local and national NHS. We also hold stalls and campaign with other local groups in Leeds. We never give up !

Join our Hospital Alert meetings at:

Muir Court
St Michael’s Road
Leeds LS6 3AP


Everybody welcome