Insulin – a very dangerous situation – post Brexit, please use this template to write to your MP

Following recent reports on the threat to insulin supplies with a “No Deal” Brexit, here is a draft letter which you may wish to send to your MP. This is a very worrying scenario.

Draft Letter to your MP:
Effect of “No Deal” Brexit on Insulin Supplies
Sir Michael Rawlins, Chair of the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, has warned that a “No Deal” Brexit could have a significant negative impact on the importation of insulin into the UK.
Sir Michael Rawlins points out that the supply of insulin is complex because the UK does not manufacture it, and transporting it is complicated as its storage has to be temperature controlled.

Following this, Diabetes UK has issued the following statement: “1 million plus people in the UK rely on insulin. It is vital to have access to insulin from abroad. Insulin is not an optional extra. It is vital that the supply continues uninterrupted”.
Please assure me that there will be no “No Deal” Brexit impeding the supply of
insulin in the UK, and that the health needs of people with insulin-dependent diabetes will not be threatened.

I heard yesterday that already certain key drugs are becoming harder to obtain, due to pharmaceutical companies anticipating Brexit. In one case, this resulted in a patient staying in intensive care longer than otherwise necessary and threatening their treatment.

Yours sincerely

Attached version:

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