Recent Leeds Hospital report: outsourcing home care services in Leeds



Outsourcing of public services has become an increasingly controversial issue, with the collapse and potential collapse of key outsourced services, and more services being taken back in-house in response to the failures of outsourcing.

This Report, by the campaigning group Leeds Hospital Alert, looks at the outsourcing of the home care service by Leeds City Council over the period 2014 – 2018.

Key points are:

The problems identified with the outsourced service in 2014, leading to Leeds City Council’s decision to adopt the Unison Ethical Care Charter in 2015, committing to higher standards of service by the outsourced providers.

The flaws in Leeds City Council’s 2015 – 2016 Review and closure of the remaining in-house service, including failure to consider different service options, unexplained costings, and ignoring the views of service users, carers, and staff.

The disadvantages of the new outsourced service, including potential financial collapse of service providers, great service complexity, problems with service quality, breaches of the Ethical Care Charter, and lack of strategic knowledge of the service.

Based on all the above information, the clear case for taking the service back in-house. This would be in line with current national trends and the decision by the Labour Party to support the taking back of services in-house.

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