Minutes April 2019

Pdf version: LHA Minutes April 19

Reports: Guardian Report , Service User

We were pleased to welcome Phil Corrigan to the meeting. Phil retires this summer and we wanted to say thank you for all the help and advice she has given us over the past20 years. Her successor Tim Ryley takes over now. He has worked in the Manchester CCG. Hopefully we will get to know him. How long the CCGs will exist is anybody’s guess but certainly changes are coming —-again. Might we go full circle and end where we began? We all enjoyed an informal chat with Phil with Joan’s lovely cranberry and apple fruit drink. We then gave Phil some flowers and wished her along and happy retirement but after her holiday in Canada Phil will be returning to her first love and will be working part time as a nurse at Airedale Hospital.

Mental Health Services: Sylvia then brought us up to date with changes in Mental Health services in Leeds (See the attachment). All 5 day hospitals are now closed. Some Day Centres are still open but charges plus the cost of transport are now in place. Those in greatest need are referred to the Intensive Care Service. LYPT depending on Voluntary Services but provision is patchy. There is little care planning and carers are not being involved. Confidentiality being the reason given. Nuwan Dissanayaka, one of the Psychiatrists in LYPT, gave an interview to The Guardian.( see the attachment). It was agreed that we need to prepare a leaflet or some publicity to highlight this enormous problem. Maybe it can be an item at the June Conference?

KONP: Gilda brought some leaflets with information about the Conference in June. WE hope LHA will be able to help and give positive support. I will forward Gilda’s e-mail highlighting KONP’s programme for the next few weeks.

M reported on the meeting with Richard Corbridge at the Forum 200. Not at all convinced about the use of an App for hospital or surgery appointments. Concern raised with the support of most of the people present. He agreed that there will have to be some training for patients. Can’t help wondering when and by whom or who is going to provide the i-phones for those who have no connection with the internet. January 2020 D Day for widespread introduction. NHS England determined that it will happen.
Maureen also happy to report that she received wonderful care for her cataract operation.
Next meetings Tuesday May 21 and Tuesday June 18

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