Social Care Conference Saturday June 29th at St Georges. All help will be appreciated. Full details via e-mail.

Kirkstall Festival Saturday July 13. KONP will have a stall there and will welcome any help members can give them. . I will let you know the location of the stall when Gilda has the details.

The main item on the agenda was where next for LHA. There are so few active members now that we need a radical re- think about how to make best use of our knowledge and expertise.

It was agreed that we should be able to remain active but maybe meet in a different way.

3 places have been suggested…….. all of them in the afternoon rather than evening and none of them perfect for everyone:
John LEWIS Community Room
HEART in Headingley
At 16 Ring Road West Park.

It was agreed there is still much to do including

  • Social Care——– back in house; charges
  • CAHMS and the lack of care for young people in need
  • Charging migrants for essential healthcare and then reporting them to the Home Office for failure to pay the bill leading to deportation.
  • What next after October 31

It was then agreed that we will next meet at the beginning of September (place and time to be decided)

We will make a donation to KONP to help cover the costs of the Conference and Festival.

Please do go to the Many Happy Returns NHS 70 in Room 700 at the Central Library. Until 5th July. Full double page coverage in the YEP Wednesday June 19 and on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the years. Hope to see you in September.

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